Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Night Tricks

Tonight's promise
To be everlasting
Seems so genuine

Black sky so unchangeable
Not even stars appear to flicker a warning
That light does exist
And will be back to claim me

So to take advantage 
Of the opaqueness covering
Quickly commit and indulge
Throw your impulse to its rightful owner
The gatekeeper of the night

All vices succumbed to, a multitude of sins laid out in their splendor
Bask now
We're still under blanket, lamps unlit

But prepare for and fear
The aftermath of the nighttime's thinking pattern
Reversal of attitude
With the sun's knowing rise

Circadian certainty that I've wronged myself
In ways I can't change, erase
Or admit
Now they're brought into the light

Alex Ward 16/07/2008